Capture Your Dream Wedding at New York's Iconic Rainbow Room

Step into the heart of New York City and discover the Rainbow Room, an epitome of classic elegance and romantic sophistication, perfect for your unforgettable wedding day. As a professional wedding photographer, I've captured countless moments of joy and beauty here, and I can assure you, the Rainbow Room's breathtaking panoramic views and luxurious Art Deco interiors provide a stunning backdrop for every photo.

Unmatched Scenery for Stunning Wedding Photography

Located on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center, the Rainbow Room offers unparalleled aerial views of Manhattan, framing your wedding with the city's majestic skyline. The expansive windows flood the space with natural light, perfect for ethereal and vibrant photo sessions. Whether it's the golden hour glow or the sparkling city lights, your wedding photos will capture the magic of your day with spectacular detail.

Elegance in Every Corner

From the moment you step onto the rotating dance floor to your last dance under the shimmering chandeliers, every corner of the Rainbow Room exudes timeless glamour. The venue’s luxurious decor enhances each photo, adding a touch of opulence and style that echoes the grandeur of classic New York weddings.

A Venue as Unique as Your Love Story

Choosing the Rainbow Room means giving your wedding the unique signature of New York City’s charm. The venue's rich history and iconic status provide a narrative depth to your wedding photos, telling a story that’s as captivating as your own.

Ideal Location for Memorable Weddings

Accessibility is key for any wedding, and the central location of the Rainbow Room ensures that your guests can easily arrive for your big day. Surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of New York City, your wedding will be a destination event to remember.

Your Dream Wedding Deserves the Rainbow Room

With a professional photographer’s eye, I recommend the Rainbow Room not just for its beauty, but for the flawless experience it offers. The dedicated staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every moment is captured seamlessly, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day, knowing that your memories are being preserved in the most beautiful way possible.

Rainbow Room Wedding - Cake by Ron Ben Israel