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American Museum of Natural History


Experience the wonder and majesty of celebrating your special day at the American Museum of Natural History, one of the most enchanting wedding venues in New York City. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, this iconic venue offers a blend of adventure, history, and romance, making it a perfect choice for couples looking for a wedding location that is both unique and breathtaking.

Unforgettable Backdrops: From the spectacular Rose Center for Earth and Space featuring a floating sphere amid the cosmos to the historic halls housing the world’s most fascinating wildlife dioramas, each corner of the museum offers a captivating backdrop for your wedding photos. Imagine exchanging vows under the blue whale in the Hall of Ocean Life or among the towering dinosaurs in the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs—scenes sure to mesmerize your guests and provide stunning photographs.

Tailored Experiences: The American Museum of Natural History's dedicated events team will work closely with you to customize your wedding, ensuring that every detail reflects your vision. Whether it’s a grand gala in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life or a more intimate reception in the Hall of Biodiversity, the museum offers versatile spaces that can accommodate any style and size of wedding.

Central Location: Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the museum is easily accessible for guests traveling from near and far. Its proximity to Central Park adds another layer of charm and accessibility, providing additional picturesque settings for wedding photos and leisurely strolls.

Rich Historical Significance: Hosting your wedding at the American Museum of Natural History gives your celebration a touch of historical elegance. The museum, an esteemed institution since 1869, provides an intellectually stimulating environment that will enrich the experience of your guests.

For couples looking for a wedding venue that delivers both grandeur and intimacy, the American Museum of Natural History is unmatched. Celebrate your love amidst the wonders of nature and history, and let your wedding day be an unforgettable journey through time and space.